PKINFH_MM01 - Infinity medium hood

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Camouflage hood to wear over the wetsuit consisting of a soft and elastic knit structure called Cryptik Skin, replicating the substratum of short vegetation that grows on the rocks. It is possible to apply artificial seaweeds and posidonia with a simple Velcro system, without sewing or gluing. At any time it will be possible to change the camouflage by easily changing and moving the various tufts or personalizing everything with the addition of own "hand-made" creations. You can get endless solutions for a perfect camouflage in every seabed.
The front is made of a sturdy elastic net that facilitates breathing in emergence without having the snorkel in the mouth and on which it is possible to add more tufts. The hood has a passage for the snorkel both on the right and on the left. Near the neck there is an elastic strap which, thanks to a cord lock, allows the hood to adhere well. It is highly comfortable to wear and it is quick to remove.
Color: medium
Size: one.