How it was born...

Pikotech was born from the desire of two engineers, Alessandro and Filippo, fond of spearfishing. Both of them with experience in design and with the will to create innovative, compact, efficent, very robust, user-friendly video devices. In particular suitable for spearfishing, activity that puts to hard test every kind of equipment.

The two engineers fond of spearfishing are konow in the web with their nicknames "Pippocci" and "Persiko". They are famous for their will to improve the commercial products for the underwater videos recording. At the end of 2011 a frequent correspondence of emails begins between them to exchange ideas and projects. A powerfull synergy and collaboration rises between them. The first drawings of the action camera Intrepida HD take form. Everything is kept in secret because they are writing a patent about the camera. In May 2012 the patent about Intrepida HD is submitted and after that the camera is shown on the web. It is a hit with the spearfishers. All people appreciates the innovative features of this camera.

The two engineers think that this situation must bring to the constitution of a company because the camera Intrepida HD has many requests from the people.

In July 2012 the Pikotech s.n.c. is enstablished.

In addition to the Intrepida HD camera with a resolution of 720p, it is then produced also the Intrepida DNA with 1080p resolution.
In parallel to the production of these action cameras, Pikotech also produces a series of supports, adapters, brackets, quick releases, modified lenses, etc.

From November 2015 Pikotech introduces in the catalog products for extreme underwater camouflage: CRYPTIK, clothing and accessories to completely merge the pescasub with the surrounding environment.

At the beginning of 2017, the production of video cameras was abandoned to devote all the energy to accessories and extreme camouflage.

Pikotech also offers itself as a consultancy company to provide assistance and custom solutions to those who have particular needs in the underwater video industry and beyond.

Founder members

Filippo Bertocci

He was born in Florence, year 1975. Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. Working experience in the fields of industrial vision systems and mechanical design. Fond of spearfishing and video recording. He alway excites ourself with his videos about the captures in Elba Island sea.

Alessandro Persichetti

He was born in Perugia, year 1978. Master Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2004. PhD in Robotics in 2008. Executive Master in innovation and services management in 2008. Working experience in the field of wearable robotics research. Fond of spearfishing and technology.