Adapters, brackets and quick release

  • How can I mount the camera Intrepida or the others cameras?
In PRODUCTS web page we suggest our Quick Release system made of a quick release support + specific bracket. Depending by your speargun model you can buy the specific adapter that permits to the system to be linked to your speargun. Many different solutions are available. Contact us.

  • I have many spearguns, have I to buy one Quick Release for each speargun?
No. For who has 2 or more spearguns we suggest the ECO brackets system. A simple spline is mounted on the speargun (directly or by the adapter) and one only Quick Release is linked to the camera bracket.

  • Does I absolutely need the adapter if I have a wooden speargun?
The Quick Release can be directly mounted on the wood using 2 self-tapping screws, without buying the adapter. If you have many wooden spearguns you have to mount only one spline of the ECO system on each speargun.

  • What is the material of the brackets, adapters and Quick Release?
We use only inox aisi 316. In practice it is eternal against the sea water attack.
  • Have I to decide if to buy the right or left adapter?
No. Each adapter permits to mount the camera on the right or left side of the speargun.
  • How does the quick release work?
Pushing a simple spring button you can connect or disconnect the bracket to the speargun. The coupling is absolutely sure and stable.
  • Do you have an adapters for my particular speargun?
We supply adapters for the most part of spearguns. If we haven't the adapters for your specific speargun, we can create it.
  • How can I mount the adapters to the speargun?
We always try to use the existing holes near the handle, in this way the speargun is not modified.
  • I can't understand what effectly I need for my spearguns and how I can save some money.
You have only to tell us your spearguns models and we can prepare the complete list of items with different possibilities.

Optical modifications

  • Is it simple to change the lens?
The kit includes a demo video about how to remove step by step the original lens and how to mount the optical modification and how to do the focalization.
  • Is the optical modification reversible?